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Maxwell “Lattie” Taylor

Maxwell’s road to a successful musical career began in his early adolescent years where he began to be noticed by his peers and community for his melodious singing and vivacious local performances. As a teenager, Maxwell started several bands, which ultimately sharpened his self-taught skills as an all-around singer-songwriter.

As A high school senior, Maxwell received wide recognition in an nationally acclaimed honorary book “Who’s Who in Music,” where he was 1 of 3 students chosen from his high school for excellent musical achievement. After high school, he went on to become a promotional force in his community, turning the heads of key people in business circles.

Soon after, Maxwell released his first album entitled “Want Ads,” And promoted it locally. With his newfound celebrity status, he had much artillery to expand his influence, focus and creativity, cultivating other aspiring talent.

As he began producing and promoting other local artists, Maxwell’s business savvy of the music industry began to increase. Not only did Maxwell have celebrity status as a M.C. and musician, but also his personal magnetism and his developing acumen as a business executive lead him to probe new areas of the music industry. He began opening up concerts as an M.C. for celebrity acts such as the legendary Kurtis Blow, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam and many more.

As years grew by, Maxwell became more and more personally devoted to his own artwork. This “artistic creator,” as one might call him, re-emphasized the love and dedication for his music by self-producing an album entitled “Lattie,” which was engineered written, composed, arranged and performed, all by Maxwell. “Lattie” is a compilation of songs that one would label “eccentric.” The realism of life’s issues and intriguing circumstances expressed in his lyrics makes “Lattie” compelling and emotionally spellbinding.

Maxwell continues to keep us on the edge not only as an entertainer, but also as a loyal friend and contingent to all his fans. In his spare time he enjoys his fully equipped, high-tech studio, which is the birthplace of over 700 songs that he composed.

In sum, there aren’t enough words to describe this innovator. So why don’t we just stick with, singer, songwriter, musician… or maybe just “creative genius.”


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