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Q: “Tell us about your show….”

A: “My show celebrates the legacy of singing legends. People that have shaped our music and culture. I celebrate the music by recreating the voice just like you’ve heard it in the original recording.”


Q: “When did you start doing voice impressions?”

A: “I think I was 7 or 8 years old when I started watching Jerry Lewis and how he used to change his voice doing different characters. I started changing my voice with musicals like The Wizard of OZ, Oliver, Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang and Fiddler On The Roof to name a few. I did that for 20 years just having fun at it. Then one night on stage without even thinking about it I starting singing like Stevie Wonder and they liked it. The rest is history and what I continue to do today.”


Q: “How does your show compare to Danny Gans and Larry G. Jones in Las Vegas?”

A: “It doesn’t…..We are all on different levels. Danny and Larry both offer great entertainment. I don’t use comedy in my shows. My show makes people want to dance because I sing the whole song, and if you don’t have a dance floor people get upset. Danny and Larry have a routine that works for them or they would not be headlining in Vegas. I just wish they would finish a song.”


Q: “What special do you offer your clients?”

A: “Something unique other than the traditional DJ or band. It’s nothing wrong with the two if you want what everyone else has, but believe me, it’s nothing to write home about.
What is unique about a DJ?. The way they handle CD’s? Bands play the same ol’ songs everywhere you go. Play That Funky Music, Brick House. Those songs drive you crazy now. People want entertainment these days. Someone with a cross between the two. I bring the fire you need so your guests will talk about your party forever. All my shows are high energy.”


Q: “What do you do to enhance your clients experience?”

A: “Just when you think you have seen it all, I will come from the back somewhere dressed up like James Brown, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson or Prince to name a few. When I’m taking Voice breaks I play music to keep the crowd dancing. A lot of times when I do that people are thinking it’s me and it’s the record. When I sing they come up to me to see if I’m lip-syncing.”


Q: “How many songs can you cover in a show?”

A: “Covering 50 to 60 full songs in a show very well is a lot and much more entertaining than doing 200 songs and only getting 10 seconds of each song. Also, all my shows are different. You can come back the next day and hear me do 60 other impressions….” Bands only play 30 songs a night because every song lasts 10 minutes. Who wants  to hear a song for 10 minutes. When people hire these bands they don’t realize that. All my songs last as long as the song is supposed to last; 3 minutes and on to the next song.


Q: “Can clients select their own music?”

A: “If I’m doing a wedding they can bring a CD with their first dance and I will play it. Or if I can sing it I will. It will be a lot more personal. During the reception when its time for me to do my thing; I am the expert……..I know what makes people dance. It’s always  good to let the professional do his job. That’s what you pay him for. Let me work my magic and your event will always be a success.”


Q: “Can you give us some tips for booking good entertainment.”

A: “Book the talent first. Ask the talent what dates he has available then coordinate with the venue you are using. Make sure both the talent and venue is open then book both. People always book the venue first and end up with entertainment they don’t want because the entertainer is not available on that date.


Q: “Where do you get your background music?”

A: “My music is customized for my show. It’s a combination of recording studio work with real musicians and midi files from other producers including myself. That is why my songs sound close to the real thing. I will not sing a song if I can’t sing it in the original key. It doesn’t sound right to me or to the audience. Trust me, they are not stupid! They just keep quiet and clap but the joke is on you.


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